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WAKILISHA is a design consulting and strategic design firm committed to improving life for everyone through culture content development, policy and related research. We elevate design conversations and help our partners and clients reach new heights in creative thinking and problem solving.

Design is important

I believe you have found this webpage because design is important to you. The fast pace of modern life and technology is leaving us all in need of a little more orderliness in our homes. You understand that design can help you achieve great satisfaction in life.

Design your destiny

Need help getting out of a creative block? You’ve come to the right place. Want to learn how creative thinking can help you achieve satisfaction in life? WAKILISHA is for you. We take a unique, practical and fun approach to how you can use design and creative thinking to bring more serenity into your home.


We are professional artists, musicians, painters and technologists who love design and believe in its power to make life better for us all.

WAKILISHA is not just a night-time hobby blog for day-time designers who just want to pass the time. WAKILISHA is a professional organization that is in the business of design. It is what we do day and night, all the time.

Wakilisha creative enterprise design consulting firm

We have worked in advertising agencies and freelanced across the industry for a long time. Over 10 years and millions of shillings have been poured into learning how to design in various capacities. Some of us have been in-house creatives for top companies in the world. We have attended hundreds of seminars to distil the most important, comprehensive and practical strategies and applications available today.

Free access

Best thing about all this is that it won’t cost you a thing to access this treasure. We believe strongly in providing value because in doing so, we set off a chain of positive actions that ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

Changing the narrative

WAKILISHA is also about taking action for the life you live and the happiness you experience. It is about being responsible for the small part of the world you are in charge of.

It is a wake up call to those who are ready to use art, design and creative thinking to bridge the gap between the narrative of Africa as a place of prosperity and the images of African migrants risking everything to get away from Africa.

What to expect

WAKILISHA is legally registered in Kenya as required under the Companies Act, 2015.

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