Bigpin’s Self-titled EP ‘Pino’ contains 6 songs and is released under ‘Pin Entertainment’, Bigpin’s record label.

Kenyan musician Bigpin, who is famous for hits such as ‘Natafuta‘ and ‘Talk to You‘ featuring Patonee and Amani, is back with a new EP. The EP titled ‘Pino’ is released under Bigpin’s record label Pin Entertainment. The EP taps top talents such as Naiboi in the soulful tribute track ‘Beautiful’.

In ‘Low’ Bigpin comes to reclaim his throne as the Luo Rap King. ‘Me na lay low…he sings to a groovy beat. He makes tribute to Kisumu city and the people of Pacho in the song as he rhymes in Luo and English interchangeably. The Luo Rap King can still bring it.

‘No Digidi’ is a sure club hit. The song gives a punchier twist to Blackstreet’s No Diggity. Bigpin taps the talented Silverstone Bars to give party goers a weekend anthem to blast in the car as they unwind shouting ‘Form iko fiti leo tuna go out. Drinks tu kwa kwa wingi…’

‘Toto’ is an ode to a beautiful woman. It’s more of a poem than a song. With a soulful RnB vibe, the song is perfect for red wine and chocolate nights.


In ‘Sweet Audio’ Jatelo is clearly having fun with it. In ‘Woke’ he delivers 4 minutes of positive self-talk. Let the streets know that Jatelo is back.

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