Femi One’s rhythmic Sheng’ flows are a delight to the ears and an attestation to her creativity and her merited presence among the Kenyan greats. Femi One speaks to the hearts of Kenyan youth everywhere in a unique way, capturing the cadence of urban youthhood in Kenya. Whether she’s performing on stage or recording in the studio, Femi One exudes positive energy, hard work, and passion. She is a true inspiration to Kenyan youth, and like she rightly asserts in her latest music video, shot in her hometown Mwiki, “Ukiniona kwa street, nisalute nipe heshma.

The Afrimma award winner has worked hard to get to where she is. Her music is a testament to her journey and the challenges she has faced. But instead of dwelling on the hardships, she uses them as fuel to inspire her listeners to keep pushing forward.

Born and raised in the bustling city under the sun called Kanairo, Nai, or Nairobi for the uncultured, Femi One rose to fame through the power of her talent. At only 15, she started rapping and earning her stripes on the streets where she honed her smooth flows and rhythmic lyrics. She later signed with record label Kaka Empire, with whom she has been till date. Coupled with the support of the team at Kaka Empire, the musician fuses a captivating blend of Afrobeat and hip-hop to deliver bangers and life lessons.

She has been pouring her heart and soul into her music, creating powerful tracks that touch on themes of love, gender equality, business, artist rights, self-love, and determination.

For the Youth

Femi One‘s music deeply resonates with Kenya’s urban youth navigating their way through the complexities of life. But it’s not just about the lyrics. She is a great believer in supporting local communities. She supports local businesses in her home town Mwiki, and shoots some of her music videos there as well, showcasing the diverse Mwiki culture and giving a platform to the youth and other upcoming artists in her local community.

Whether she’s singing about partying or chasing her dreams, Femi One does so with a charismatic force that is not to be seen in any other Kenyan artist. Her powerful lyricism and unshakeable determination has gradually gained her a devoted following.

Blazing the Trail

In 2021, the Kenyan artist was named the first East African female brand ambassador for Monster Energy in East and Central Africa. Later that year Femi One beat the likes of Fena Gitu (Kenya), Ms Banks (Nigeria), Nata (Sierra Leone), Feli Nuna (Ghana), Candy Bleakz (Nigeria) and Rosa Ree (Tanzania) to take home the Best Female Rapper In Africa award at the AFRIMMA Awards held in Dallas, Texas on November 19, 2022.

With a string of consistently excellent releases, Femi One has not only gained a devoted following in Kenya, but has also garnered recognition and admiration across Africa. Her unwavering commitment to consistently putting out good music, both audio and high-quality visuals, has played a major role in her rise and cemented her place as a respected Kenyan artist.