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Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to envision and create a better future for humanity and friends.

Intellectual capital is now the single most important asset owned by any organization. The continuity of a business largely depends on the innovation capacity of the business. The capacity of a business to continuously innovate is a huge factor to consider when determining the long-term sustainability of that business.

While society might not be a business, intellectual capital provides us with a versatile solution to many of the problems we face in today’s world. From tackling climate change, putting a stop to social inequalities and other societal injustices. WAKILISHA aim to expand the role of creative thinking in the society through the creation of culture content, partnerships with creative practitioners, social media engagement and digital curation.

— Culture
— Collaboration
— Curation


Expressing your cultural identity is your right

We believe in everyone’s freedom to express their cultural heritage. We are strong advocates for your right to tell your story and to transmit it, whoever you are. WAKILISHA works with artists, cultural communities, and many other organizations to nurture the diversity of cultural expression. Our work involves the production of cultural goods, services and intellectual works that can be accessed as literature, music, visual arts, live performances or even cinematography.


Collaboration promotes the circulation of ideas

Creative partnerships are essential in coming up with innovative solutions. We build relationships between creative practitioners, communities and organizations to foster innovation and improve people's lives through the presentation and accumulation of diverse thoughts and ideas. Our partnerships work across and beyond the industry to connect those who can think of solutions with those in need of solutions.
Creative Partnerships

Process knowledge in cultural expression is an important skill. It empowers creatives to adopt existing ideas and turn them into new innovations for the modern age. WAKILISHA connects you with artists, designers and creative practitioners from all over the world as they invite you into their worlds, talking about their lives, design processes, industry knowledge and much more.
Skill and Process Knowledge Sharing

Due to it's implicit nature, knowledge is hard to capture and manage. The rise of social media platforms and technologies has improved knowledge sharing and collaboration across the world. WAKILISHA uses Web 2.0 technologies like Facebook and Twitter to support knowledge sharing practices and to convert knowledge into its different forms for curation purposes.
Social Media Engagement


Knowledge transmission is important for the development of society

90 percent of the information produced in the world was created within the last year. This rate of creation will only accelerate with improving internet speeds and widening smartphone accessibility. The need for curation has never been more urgent¹. WAKILISHA records, archives and curates cultural content and other information through the help of technology-enabled means. We do this to preserve knowledge for future generations and to provide others on this journey with a somewhat clear communication line to the 21st century society.

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