Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to envision and create a better future for humanity and friends.

Our projects are about bringing positive change to real people’s lives. We are dedicated to finding solutions within the laws, rules and principles that govern the people we serve.

We aim to expand the role creativity plays in envisioning and creating a better future by getting involved in three areas:

— Creative Production
— Creative Consultation
— Digital Curation

Creative Production

Creative Production is about solving problems.

Solving problems for the community.

WAKILISHA deals in the conception, creation, production, development, dissemination, conservation and research of creative products. These creative products include goods, services and intellectual works related to literature, music, the visual arts, applied arts, live performances, cinematography and audio visuals, archives, libraries and museums as well as cultural heritage and innovation processes connected to it. WAKILISHA works with advertising firms, NGOs, government offices, civil society organizations and other creative industry stakeholders.

Creative Consultation

Creative Consultation is like oil for gears

The development of new products and services that potentially add value raises concerns about intellectual property. WAKILISHA connects creatives and the civil society to enhance the management of intellectual property through patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. That way, we help avoid constraints on creation of value and reduce friction points in all levels of collaboration among creative team members.
Intellectual Property Consultation

Process knowledge in design is an important skill which empowers creatives to make decisions and adopt productive courses of action. Knowledge forms a huge part of creativity. WAKILISHA consults with creatives on design processes and industry knowledge through barazas, webinars, one-on-one meetings and other forms of communication.
Skill and Process Knowledge Consultation

Careers in design are now more important than ever. The role of a designer in many organizations has evolved. Creatives are now much more involved in articulating product designs and experiences for users. WAKILISHA connects young people with professional career coaches in creative industries. This not only helps in passing knowledge across generations but also creates meaningful employment opportunities.
Career Guidance

Digital Curation

If lions and gazelles had a historian, the history of the hunt would be different.

Knowledge transmission is important for the development of society.

90 percent of the information produced in the world was created within the last year. This rate of creation will only accelerate with improving internet speeds and widening smartphone accessibility. The need to preserve important knowledge has never been more urgent. Not every meme is worth remembering tomorrow. To determine which memes might have value tomorrow, WAKILISHA records, archives and curates information through technologically enabled creative products and services. Not just to keep useless memes out but to preserve knowledge for the future and provide future generations with a somewhat clear communication line to the 21st century society.

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