The year has only just begun but the Kenyan music scene is already abuzz with activity and releases from known and new artists. On day 1 of the year King Kaka released a gospel album titled ‘2nd Life’ in which he featured a beehive of Kenyan artists. The 17-track album features Kidum, Iyanii, Watendawili, Femi One, Solomon Mkubwa, Nviiri, Anasttacia Muema, Phyllis Mbuthia and several other Kenyan artists. Many other artists have released music since then. Here is our list of the top 20 Kenyan songs released in January 2023. You can stream the playlist on Spotify and on YouTube.

Njerae in the music video for 'Loving' featuring DJ Mura. | Image: WAKILISHA
Njerae in the music video for ‘Loving’ featuring DJ Mura. | Image: WAKILISHA

Click on any song to jump to that section. Please note that some songs are available on one platform and not on the other so don’t write bad reviews when you notice some numbers are missing on the list. For the full playlist with all songs, we recommend you listen to the Spotify playlist.

Top 20 Kenyan songs released in January 2023:

1. Zoza (Radio Edit) by Mbuzi Gang

2. Hayazoleki by Baraza

3. Leo Ni Wewe by Watu Fresh

4. Tgif by Movaz Warombosaji Nation

5. Aminia by Nate Speaks

6. Form 1 by Bussa J

7. SWEAT SWEAT by Mikel The Energy

8. City Lights by Tokyonite

9. Terema by Echo254

10. Maasai by L3GS

11. Vuta – Lyvid Remix by Misumena, Lyvid and Sofiya Nzau

12. Nidze by Laroz, Matara and Idd Aziz

13. FRENZ by DJ FREDY MUKS, Victoria Kimani and Meaku

14. Loving by Dj Mura K.E and Njerae

15. 10 Over 10 (Sudough Doss) by Wakadinali

16. Sotit by L3GS

17. Pesa Onge by Vinc On The Beat, Breeder LW, Trio Mio, Joefes and Katapilla

18. Too Much by GTA and Natty

19. Just for Vibes by Linsanity

20. Umenibariki by King Kaka and Goodluck Gozbert