Top 10 Ssaru Songs

In Kenya’s historically male-dominated music industry, Kenyan artist Ssaru has managed to secure her place as one who can hold her own when it comes to great flow, delivery, confidence, and charisma. Popularly known as Ssaru wa Manyaru and the queen of gengetone, the Kenyan artist debuted in 2019 when one of her freestyles, “Nyama” went viral, spreading her musical prowess to more people who didn’t know they had been secretly missing her in their lives.

Ssaru has built a devoted fan base that has contributed to her winning awards like the Female Act of the Year Award at the Unkut Hip Hop Awards 2020. In 2022, she was nominated in 3 categories at the East Africa Arts Entertainment Awards.

She is a member of Spotify’s EQUAL program, which advocates for gender equality by supporting female artists locally and internationally.

Ssaru has collaborated with several Kenyan artists such as Mejja, Timmy TDat, Trio Mio, Willis Raburu, and Breeder Lw. Her latest song ‘Some Love’ featuring Fathermoh, Jovial, and Chan Chan is out on her YouTube channel.

Top 10 Ssaru Songs

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  1. Kamkora
  2. Nimerudi tena
  3. Swagger
  4. Leo – with Mejja
  5. Dea Moda Freestyle
  6. Rhumba ya Ssaru
  7. Kichwa tu – with Trio Mio and Timmy Tdat
  8. Salsa – with Cedo
  9. Zitoke
  10. Tembeza – with Breeder Lw


2.Nimerudi Tena


4.Leo – with Mejja

5.Dea Moda Freestyle

6.Rhumba ya Ssaru – with Charisma

7.Kichwa Tu – with Trio Mio and Timmy Tdat

8.Salsa – with Cedo


10.Tembeza – with Breeder Lw

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